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Guild of St George

Rethinking Ruskin's Elements of Drawing

Date: Sep 30, 2017 10:00:00

Saturday 30th September
London Sketch Club, Chelsea (7 Dilkes Street, SW3 4JE)

Much has changed in the 150 years since Ruskin first published his teaching manual, The Elements of Drawing, but the power of drawing as a vital medium of thought, communication and observation has not gone away.

Whether we push, drag, prod or provoke, sweep or caress, drawing conducts the power of the mind through an intense, often microscopic dance. Drawing is meditation. Drawing is gesticulation. Drawing is investigation. Drawing is explanation. Drawing is revelation. As well as being something amazing in itself, drawing is a potent force of analysis and communication in science, design and education. One of our most fundamental and useful forms of language and a profound aid to thought, we need to reawaken our appreciation of the value of learning to draw. But are our ideas of drawing stuck at the end of the pencil? What defines a drawing and what are the key attributes and skills of drawing that can be taught?

Drawing upon the expertise of practitioners and teachers from the worlds of art, science and industrial design, Rethinking Ruskin’s Elements will seek to examine the underlying qualities that define drawing and explore the nature of drawing in a world which is rapidly reshaping our sensory experiences and the languages with which we articulate them.