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News from the AGM

  1. The Guild needs new Board Members to fulfill its growing programme of activity and help steer the organisation towards greater success and sustainability. We are seeking committed indviduals with a range of skills and experience, particualry in the areas of the Arts, Museums and Galleries, Communications, Marketing, Development and Finance. We are also seeking a Director to take on a co-ordinating role with regard to our growing Companionship. We have been talking with a number of people who have expressed an interest and hope to confirm the potential composition of a new Board soon and then for it to be proposed for formal approval at the next AGM.
  2. The Guild has been planning to recruit a Memebrship and Communications Officer to handle our growing range of personal contacts, public facing communications and media. The closing date for applications has now passed and interviews will take place shortly
  3. A survey will soon be conducted to gather the views of Companions on the current and future direction of the Guild. This will help inform our strategic discussions in the new year.