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Angelo Alessandri (1854-1931): Study of Adam and Eve from "The Paradise" after Tintoretto (1883).

Ruskin considered Tintoretto's "Paradiso" (or “The Paradise”) "the most precious thing Venice possesses" and the greatest work Tintoretto ever created. It is over 10 metres tall and 25 metres wide and covers an entire wall of the council chamber in the Doge's Palace. This painting depicts only a detail.

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Charles Fairfax Murray (1849-1919) "The Adoration of the Magi" after Botticelli (1873-76). This painting was commissioned to help illustrate Ruskin's lecture series "Ariadne Florentina" about the schools of art and design in Florence. Ruskin noted Botticelli's "stupendous power" and praised him for being as "high in intellect and moral sentiment" as he was talented as an artist. Ruskin admired the design and colouring of Botticelli's original painting and found Murray's "copy" (which was not intended as a detailed study) to be "entirely admirable".

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