Former Masters of the Guild


Clive Wilmer

Birthday: 10th February
Fourteenth Master of the Guild, in office from 2009 - 2019.
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James S. Dearden, MBE

9th August 1931 - 23rd October 2021
Thirteenth Master of the Guild 2005-2009

Watch this interview recorded as part of an online celebration hosted by the Ruskin Society of North America, to mark James Dearden's 90th birthday in August 2021.

Read Clive Wilmer's obituary, published on the day of Jim Dearden's funeral, 11th November 2021


Julian Spalding

Birthday: 15th June
Twelfth Master of the Guild 1996-2005
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Anthony Harris

Eleventh Master of the Guild 1982-1996


Jon B. Thompson

(1936 - February 2016)
Tenth Master of the Guild 1977-1982
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Cyril Tyler

26th January 1911 - 25th January 1996
Ninth Master of the Guild 1973-1977


H. A. Hodges [Herbert Arthur]

4th January 1905 - 2nd July 1976
Eighth Master of the Guild 1954-1973

D. Bernard Wardle

Acting Master of the Guild, February - October 1954


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Alexander Farquharson

22nd January 1882 - 16th February 1954
Seventh Master of the Guild 1951-1954


T. Edmund Harvey [Thomas]

4th January 1875 - 3rd May 1955
Sixth Master of the Guild 1934-1951
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Hugh Charles Fairfax-Cholmeley

24th February 1864 - 14th April 1940
Fifth Master of the Guild 1925-1934
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H. E. Luxmoore [Henry Elford]

28th February 1841 - 11th November 1926
Fourth Master of the Guild 1920-1925


George Thomson

16th November 1842 - 6th October 1921
Third Master of the Guild 1910-1920


George Baker

11th May 1825 - 15th January 1910
Second Master of the Guild 1900-1910
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John Ruskin

8th February 1819 - 20th January 1900
Founder and Master of the Guild 1871-1900