Sheepscombe Meadow, Gloucestershire
A beautiful wild-flower meadow bequeathed to the Guild in the 1920s and now cared for by Natural England.

Miss Margaret E Knight bought Sheepscombe Meadow in the 1920s to save it from development and gave it to the Guild. The Meadow, on the edge of the village of Sheepscombe in Gloucestershire, has an extraordinarily rich habitat including 20 species of butterfly. The small Blue butterfly can be found there and the unusual Burnet Moth. It is a limestone grassland containing a great variety of herbs and grasses largely because for so long it has lain 'unimproved' and has been only lightly grazed for a part of each year. The Meadow is leased to Natural England. You can download their leaflet about the area HERE. Find out more about the history of the meadow from the book by Stuart Eagles, which can be purchased from our bookshop HERE.


On the left, former Guild Master Clive Wilmer standing alongside the oak sign in the meadow that invites all to enjoy the meadow while leaving its wild plants, birds and animals undisturbed.