Welcome. We are an educational charity, founded in 1871 by the Victorian art and social critic, John Ruskin, devoted to the arts, crafts and the rural economy. We host and present regular events, lectures, collaborations and projects in the UK and internationally; we publish books and an annual magazine, and we own and support the Ruskin Collection in Sheffield. Our new online bookshop launches here in December.


John Ruskin (1819-1900)

John Ruskin was a polymath. As a writer, he commanded international respect. He was an art critic and an art patron, a skilled draughtsman and talented watercolourist, and a fierce critic of prevailing social and political norms. He wrote about nature and architecture, craftsmanship, geology, botany, Greek myth, education - a dizzying variety of subjects. Driven by his deep faith in social justice, he established the Guild of St George in the 1870s to right some of the social wrongs of the day and make the country a happier and more beautiful place in which to live and work.

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