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May 11

Whitelands Ruskin Lecture 2018

In 2017, Guild Companion Beate Howitt celebrated the 60th anniversary of her election and crowning as the Whitelands May Queen, in a tradition instigated at John Ruskin's suggestion in 1881. In this year's Ruskin lecture, Beate shared her story of her crowning as May Queen in 1957, her perspective having come to this country as a refugee from Nazi Germany and her lifetime of interest in Ruskin's ideas since. more

May 12

Whitelands Ruskin Lecture 2017

The Whitelands Ruskin Lecture by David Peacock (himself a former Principal of Whitelands) offered an overview of Faunthorpe’s origins, leading to his eventual appointment as Principal of Whitelands College. It went on to chart the development of the relationship between Ruskin and Faunthorpe over the period 1877 to 1887 more

May 13

Whitelands Ruskin Lecture 2016

The Victorian polymath John Ruskin wanted to improve the world. One of the ways he shared his vision for a better society was through the ideas of cloth and clothing. This lecture starts with his question ‘What do you mean by dressing?’ more

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