Ruskin publications not published by the Guild

If you are looking for books about Ruskin and his work, beyond those published by the Guild, below you will find a useful list. Prices quoted are the published retail price unless otherwise stated.


Atwood, Sara. 2011. Ruskin’s Educational Ideals. Aldershot: Ashgate. Hardback £115.00


Batchelor, John. 2001. John Ruskin: No Wealth But Life. London: Pimlico. Out of print. Used paperback copies £8.00-£12.00


Birch, Dinah (ed.). 1999. Ruskin and the Dawn of the Modern. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hardback £35.00-£40.00


Casaliggi, Carmen and Paul March-Russell (eds.). 2007. Ruskin in Perspective: Contemporary Essays. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars. Hardback £24.99


Cockram, Gill G. 2007. Ruskin and Social Reform: Ethics and Economics in the Victorian Age. London and New York: Tauris Academic Studies. £85.00


Dawson, Paul with Wildman, Stephen. 2007. George Allen of Sunnyside; to accompany an exhibition celebrating the centenary year of George Allen, 1832–1907. Lancaster: Ruskin Library. Out of print. Used copies £4.00-£6.00


Dearden, J.S. 2004. John Ruskin: An Illustrated Life of John Ruskin, 1819-1900. London: Shire Books. £7.99


Editor(s):Rachel Dickinson and Keith Hanley. 2006. Ruskin’s Struggle For Cohesion: Self-Representation through Art, Place and Society. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pbk £14.99


Eagles, Stuart. 2010. After Ruskin: the Social and Political Legacies of a Victorian Prophet. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hardback £98.00


Frost, Mark. 2014. The Lost Companions and John Ruskin’s Guild of St George: a Revisionary History. London: Anthem Press. Hardback £70.00


Hanley, Keith and Caroline S. Hull. 2016. John Ruskin’s Continental Tour 1835: The Written Records and Drawings. Cambridge: Legenda. Hardback £45.00


Haslam, Sara E. 2004. John Ruskin and the Lakeland Arts Revival, 1880–1920. Cardiff: Merton. pbk £14.99


Hewison, Robert. 2009. Ruskin on Venice: ‘The Paradise of Cities’. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £50.00


Hilton, Tim. 2000. John Ruskin: the Early Years. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £46.00


Hilton, Tim. 2002. John Ruskin: the Later Years. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £48.00


Jackson, Kevin. 2014. A Ruskin Alphabet. London: Pallas Athene. Paperback £1.50


Jackson, Kevin and Emerson Hunt. 2018. Bloke’s Progress: An Introduction to the World of John Ruskin (Ruskin Comics). London: Knockabout. Paperback £12.99


King, Sue. 2010. A Weaver’s Tale: The Life and Times of the Laxey Woollen Industry, 1860–2010. Laxey: St George’s Woollen Mills. Paperback £16.00-20.00


O’Gorman. 2001. Late Ruskin: New Contexts. Aldershot: Ashgate. Paperback £27.00


Stoddart, Judith. 1998. Ruskin’s Culture Wars: Fors Clavigera and the Crisis of Victorian Liberalism. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. Paperback $35.00