Ruskin publications not published by the Guild

If you are looking for books about Ruskin and his work, beyond those published by the Guild, we are happy to help. Below you will find a list of books that can usually be sourced for you. Prices quoted are the published retail price unless otherwise stated; packaging and postage are extra. To check availability and make a purchase, please contact the Guild's Director of Publications, Peter Miller, HERE.


Atwood, Sara. 2011. Ruskin’s Educational Ideals. Aldershot: Ashgate. Hardback £115.00


Batchelor, John. 2001. John Ruskin: No Wealth But Life. London: Pimlico. Out of print. Used paperback copies £8.00-£12.00


Birch, Dinah (ed.). 1999. Ruskin and the Dawn of the Modern. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hardback £35.00-£40.00


Casaliggi, Carmen and Paul March-Russell (eds.). 2007. Ruskin in Perspective: Contemporary Essays. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars. Hardback £24.99


Cockram, Gill G. 2007. Ruskin and Social Reform: Ethics and Economics in the Victorian Age. London and New York: Tauris Academic Studies. £85.00


Dawson, Paul with Wildman, Stephen. 2007. George Allen of Sunnyside; to accompany an exhibition celebrating the centenary year of George Allen, 1832–1907. Lancaster: Ruskin Library. Out of print. Used copies £4.00-£6.00


Dearden, J.S. 2004. John Ruskin: An Illustrated Life of John Ruskin, 1819-1900. London: Shire Books. £7.99


Editor(s):Rachel Dickinson and Keith Hanley. 2006. Ruskin’s Struggle For Cohesion: Self-Representation through Art, Place and Society. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pbk £14.99


Eagles, Stuart. 2010. After Ruskin: the Social and Political Legacies of a Victorian Prophet. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Hardback £98.00


Frost, Mark. 2014. The Lost Companions and John Ruskin’s Guild of St George: a Revisionary History. London: Anthem Press. Hardback £70.00


Hanley, Keith and Caroline S. Hull. 2016. John Ruskin’s Continental Tour 1835: The Written Records and Drawings. Cambridge: Legenda. Hardback £45.00


Haslam, Sara E. 2004. John Ruskin and the Lakeland Arts Revival, 1880–1920. Cardiff: Merton. pbk £14.99


Hewison, Robert. 2009. Ruskin on Venice: ‘The Paradise of Cities’. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £50.00


Hilton, Tim. 2000. John Ruskin: the Early Years. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £46.00


Hilton, Tim. 2002. John Ruskin: the Later Years. New Haven and London: Yale University Press. Hardback £48.00


Jackson, Kevin. 2014. A Ruskin Alphabet. London: Pallas Athene. Paperback £1.50


Jackson, Kevin and Emerson Hunt. 2018. Bloke’s Progress: An Introduction to the World of John Ruskin (Ruskin Comics). London: Knockabout. Paperback £12.99


King, Sue. 2010. A Weaver’s Tale: The Life and Times of the Laxey Woollen Industry, 1860–2010. Laxey: St George’s Woollen Mills. Paperback £16.00-20.00


O’Gorman. 2001. Late Ruskin: New Contexts. Aldershot: Ashgate. Paperback £27.00


Stoddart, Judith. 1998. Ruskin’s Culture Wars: Fors Clavigera and the Crisis of Victorian Liberalism. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press. Paperback $35.00