Films & videos

Below you will find a number of short films and videos that record a wide range of Guild and Ruskin lectures, readings, events and projects. We are also delighted to showcase relevant work produced with or by some of the Guild's partners and friends.


Inspired by the Guild's Ruskin in Wyre & Ruskin in Sheffield projects, this beautiful 20 minute film reflects on the value of working with Ruskin's ideas today, as individuals and as a Guild.


EVERYBODY DESERVES SPACE - Ruskin's Manchester Today

Five poets respond to five Ruskin quotations and five Manchester locations. The poets are: Afshan D'Souza-Lodhi; SAF-S2; Meshach Brencher; Michael McMillan & SuAndi, and the editors are SuAndi and Rachel Dickinson. This project was supported by Ruskin in Manchester (sponsored in 2019 by the Guild of St George and MMU Cheshire) with additional funds from Manchester Metropolitan University's Centre for Creative Writing, English Literature and Linguistics, as well as the Department of English. It was coordinated by project partner the National Black Arts Alliance. The book and accompanying films were launched at the Manchester Poetry Library on 18th July 2022.


A series of four, free, monthly online readings held between December 2022 and March 2023, embracing the following themes:

  1. Architecture, carving and sculpture
  2. Textiles
  3. Mixed media, including ceramics, plasterwork & silversmithing
  4. Ruskin's travels & craftsmanship, from Dunblane to Venice

Read more about the series and our richly varies gallery of speakers, here.

Introduced by convenor Peter Burman, this is a recording of the first session. Andreas Ammon, Nic Boyes, Peter Burman, James Howley and Rory Young read and reflected on Ruskin's writing on architecture, sculpture and carving, and ended with a reading of William Morris's manifesto for the founding of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), itself heavily influenced by Ruskin's thinking.

Convened by Nicholas Mander, this is a recording of the third session at which Hal Messel (silver), Daahir Mohamed (plaster) and Tracey Sheppard (glass) read from Ruskin's writings about a wide range of crafts and materials.

Introduced by convenor Laurence Roussillon-Constanty,, this is a recording of the second session; Tess Darwin, Rachel Dickinson and Arjun Shivaji Jain read and reflected on Ruskin's writing on Textiles, and the session also included writing by Gandhi.

Convened by Peter Burman, this is a recording of the fourth session, in which Ross Burgess, web designer and historian, Falkland, Scotland, Déirdre Kelly, artist, Venice and Marcus Waithe, academic, author and chair of The Ruskin Society, Cambridge, read from Ruskin's writings that reflect his travels across Europe, from Dunblane to Venice, exploring what they reveal of his deep and passionate interest in the skills of craftspeople, their materials and their methods.


Four live readings of Ruskin texts about Venice & a link to the video recordings of the sessions of the VOICES FROM VENICE conference held online in April 2022.


These four monthly readings from Ruskin’s writings about Venice were offered online between December 2021 and March 2022, rooted in the knowledge and passion of a group of Companions concerned about the diverse challenges facing Venice which all arguably arise from confusing ‘illth’ with ‘wealth’.



An online conference organised by the Guild to share up-to-date knowledge of the pressures on the city and lagoon of Venice and to reflect on how these pressures can be addressed. All seven sessions of the full day conference were recorded.



'What the Guild of St George does: Reflections on Wealth and Life'. Given by the Master of the Guild, Clive Wilmer, 16 November 2019.

The work Ruskin did in the name of the Guild of St George - and much else that he did besides - was always locally based and done in response to specific needs. What he called Fors (fortune, chance, luck) would present a problem to him and he would respond to it, transforming accident into destiny. In this lecture, the outgoing Master of the Guild reflects that this is how the Guild worked then, and how it works, in many ways, today.

As this was Clive Wilmer's final day of his ten years as Master, this film of the lecture also includes celebratory introductory remarks from fellow Guild director Howard Hull, a vote of thanks from Companion Laurence Roussillon-Constanty, and the presentation of farewell gifts from Guild director Peter Miller.

Live recreations of John Ruskin's two 1857 Manchester Lectures 'The Discovery and Application of Art' and 'The Accumulation and Distribution of Art', performed by Paul O'Keeffe.

Paul O'Keeffe as Mr Ruskin performing John Ruskin's two 1857 Manchester Lectures 'The Discovery and Application of Art', performed on 8th July 2019 at the Portico Library in Manchester, and 'The Accumulation and Distribution of Art', performed at Manchester Art Gallery on 13 July 2019. Both performances were part of the Ruskin in Manchester Festival, funded by Manchester Metropolitan University and the Guild of St George.

The Discovery and Application of Art

The Accumulation and Distribution of Art

Ruskin in Sheffield celebrates Ruskin 200 with four talks at the OFF THE SHELF festival, October 2019.

Genevieve Pilley, by Helen Parker

Ruskin in Sheffield, by Janet Barnes.

Ruskinland, by Andrew Hill

Robert Hewison in conversation with Rachel Dickinson.

2019 Ruskin Foundation London lecture: RUSKIN TO-DAY, given by Robert Hewison

The 2019 Ruskin Foundation London lecture, in association with Sovereign Films, given by Robert Hewison at the National Gallery, London, on Friday 20th September 2019. The lecture was presented at the end of the first day of the two-day conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, art education and social change', organised by Janet Barnes and Susanna Avery-Quash. Film courtesy of the National Gallery.

'Ruskin Today' - films of the four contributions to the final panel of the National Gallery conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change', held in London on 20th & 21st September 2019, organised by Janet Barnes and Susanna Avery-Quash.

Films courtesy of the National Gallery.

Suzanne Fagence Cooper: 'Stones and Lilies: Ruskin's Legacy since 1969'

Suzanne Fagence Cooper (University of York & author of 'To See Clearly: Why Ruskin Matters' and 'The Ruskin Revival 1969-2019'). Final panel of the National Gallery conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change', held in London on 20th & 21st September 2019.

Discussion: 'Echoes of Life: Contemporary Art and Ruskin'

Artist Jorge Otero-Pailos (Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, New York), Poppy Bowers (Whitworth Gallery, Manchester) and Daniel Herrman (National Gallery, London) in conversation. Final panel of the National Gallery conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change', held in  London, on 20th & 21st September 2019.

Alistair Hudson: 'Ruskin Unleashed: Towards a Revised Political Economy of Art'

Alistair Hudson, (director of The Whitworth and Manchester Art Galleries). Final panel of the National Gallery conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change', held in  London, on 20th & 21st September 2019.

Andrew Hill: 'Ruskinland' - How John Ruskin shapes our world

Andrew Hill (Financial Times and author of 'Ruskinland') gives the last paper at the final panel of the National Gallery conference 'Art for the Nation: John Ruskin, Art Education and Social Change', held in London on 20th & 21st September 2019

In April 2019, the Guild convened a symposium at Two Temple Place in London to reflect on its current ground-breaking work in Sheffield and the Wyre, and invited three keynote speakers - author and journalist Andrew Hill, writer and environmentalist Chris Baines and activist and playwright Sarah Woods - to share their vision for the continued relevance of the three cornerstones of Ruskin’s Guild: economic justice, the environment and the place of the arts.

Part 1 (of 3) with Clive Wilmer & Andrew Hill.

In this first of three films of the symposium, after a welcome from Guild Director Chris Harris, the Guild's Master Clive Wilmer introduces the day before the first keynote presentation is given by Andrew Hill.

Part 2 (of 3) with Chris Baines.

In this second of three films of the symposium, Guild director John Iles introduces our second keynote speaker Chris Baines.

Part 3 (of 3) with Sarah Woods (& panel discussion).

In this third of three films of the symposium, the Guild's Ruskin in Sheffield producer Ruth Nutter introduces our final keynote speaker Sarah Woods, and then she is joined by Andrew Hill and Chris Baines for a panel discussion responding to questions from the audience.

The 2018 Ruskin Lecture


We were honoured to be joined by Professor John Holmes to give the 2018 Ruskin Lecture to Companions and friends ahead of the Guild's 2018 AGM, on 3rd November 2018. It was particularly fascinating to listen to the lecture in the very building that the lecture was about, Oxford University's Natural History Museum, one of the most extraordinary buildings of the Victorian age. The lecture was introduced by Guild Master Clive Wilmer.

2018 Big Draw in Bewdley & Ruskin Land

Our October 2018 Big Draw event in Bewdley and on Ruskin Land was captured in this film made by Companions Jack Haddon and Hilary Baker.

2018 Studio in the Woods, Ruskin Land

In 2018, Studio in the Woods was hosted by the Wyre Community Land Trust at Ruskin Land with funding provided by the Guild of St George, with additional funding from the Ruskin in Wyre HLF project as part of a strategy to explore future uses for the timber from the Wyre Forest. The film features Kate Darby and Piers Taylor discussing the weekend, the process and projects involved and the long-term benefits of SITW. Film made by Stephenson/Bishop.

Making Meersbrook project 2018

Short film by Masters in Architecture students at the University of Sheffield, showing future community-focussed visions for Meersbrook Hall, based on extensive research into its history as the Ruskin Museum (1890-1953) and creative community engagement. Part of the Guild's 2018 project 'Ruskin Museum at Meersbrook Hall', funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. In collaboration with Heeley Trust and Friends of Meersbrook Hall.

Ruskin Museum Makeover at Meersbrook Hall 2018

A short extract from the four films that were projected onto the front of Meersbrook Hall in Sheffield as part of the HLF-supported Ruskin Museum Makeover Week, in October 2018.

The 2017 Ruskin Lecture - Sheffield

The Curator of the Guild's Ruskin Collection in Sheffield, Louise Pullen, gives the 2017 Ruskin Lecture, entitled GENIUS AND HELL'S BROTH: A tale of two artists - Frank Randal and William Hackstoun.

The 2016 Ruskin Lecture - Birmingham

'The Sombre Robe: Ruskin and Birmingham The 2016 Ruskin Lecture by Bernard Richards, Emeritus Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, and Companion of the Guild of St George. Birmingham and Midland Institute, 5th November 2016.

Craftsmanship To-Day: A Symposium on Modern Making

CRAFTSMANSHIP TO-DAY: A Symposium on Modern Making held at the Art Workers' Guild, London on 24th September 2016. Watch Dr Marcus Waithe, Tanya Harrod, Emily Young and Clive Wilmer talk about Ruskin and craftsmanship today.

42nd Street visits Ruskin Land in the Wyre Forest

This short film captures the spirit of an inspiring project made possible thanks to the generosity of the Benjamin Creswick Fund. The project enabled 42nd Street, a charity in Manchester promoting the mental health and wellbeing of young people, to form a connection with the Guild and its work at Ruskin Land, and the film illustrates the impact this relationship had on all involved.

The Big Draw at Meersbrook Hall, Sheffield 2017

A free public event to celebrate the heritage of the Ruskin Museum at Meersbrook Hall and creative mission today to transform the Hall back into a vital community hub. Part of Ruskin in Sheffield 2017.

The 2015 Ruskin Lecture - Sheffield

Ruskin and Craftsmanship, given by Dr Marcus Waithe.

Ruskin and Walkley, Sheffield

A talk given in Sheffield in 2015 by Dr Marcus Waithe, introduced by Ruth Nutter, Ruskin in Sheffield producer. You can read more about the Ruskin Museum in Walkley here.

A Day at the Pop-Up Ruskin Museum, August 2015

A ten year old's film capturing part of a day at the Pop-Up Ruskin Museum at 381 South Road, Walkley, in August 2015

Understanding woodland management - Ruskin Land

A short film featuring speakers and participants who took part in a two day woodland management training day hosted by Wyre Community Land Trust at Ruskin Land