Pollution: three personal Ruskinian perspectives for the C21st

18th October 2021

A discussion event presented by the Guild online, from 5.30 - 6.30pm on Monday 18th October 2021, in which three Companions take a personal look at a topic through a Ruskinian lens. This event focuses on pollution, and Chris Baines, David Barrie & Michelle Lovric, who between them have a vast range of interests and expertise , will each spend 10 minutes offering their own perspective on an aspect of pollution - human impact on our water and light in particular - that concerns them and about which they invite people to become more aware and perhaps more involved. It will be followed by discussion between them and audience questions. All are welcome. The zoom room will be opened at 5.15pm, ready for a punctual start at 5.30pm. We plan to record the event for our digital web archive.