The process of application for Companionship, which is subject to a flexible, voluntary annual membership fee or contribution in kind (in the spirit of Ruskin’s original vision for the Guild), is to write to the Guild’s Board of Directors by email, explaining your interest in Ruskin and The Guild's work.

Please email us with your contact details, including your postal address and phone number, explaining why you would like to submit your name for Companionship. It does not have to be a long or formal document; a concise letter will suffice. In writing your application, we suggest that you address any of these questions: 

  1. What do John Ruskin and his writings and thinking, or those of people associated with him and his ideas, mean to you?
  2. From what you have read or discovered, what do the Guild of St George and the idea of Companionship mean to you?
  3. What area(s) of the Guild’s current activity do you find most engaging/relevant personally?
  4. What do you feel you (through your work, scholarship, research, personal interests and skills, activism, donations of time or resources, etc) would bring to the Guild by way of Companionship?
  5. What impact do you believe becoming a Companion of the Guild would have on your life and/or work?

Any relevant interests or experience, within your letter or as a resume/CV or further notes, are welcome as part of the same document, but are not essential.

Once received, your application is considered at the next Guild Board meeting.

If your application is accepted, you then receive a formal letter of welcome from the Master of the Guild and become eligible to receive a free copy of our annual publication, The Companion, as well as invitations to the Guild’s Companion events, lectures and AGM (where new Companions are invited to sign the Roll of Companions). You will also be asked to submit some brief biographical information, with links if relevant to your own website or other places where your interests feature, for your entry on the online Directory of Companions on this website.

Companions are asked to make an annual ‘Contribution’ to the Guild, which may be a regular (and flexible) financial donation, but can take the form of research, attendance at Guild events or volunteering time and expertise to Guild projects and publications.

We also add you to our secure and confidential database of companions, so that we can send you information via email pertaining to your companionship, The Guild newsletter and other Guild correspondence.


Companions on the Ruskin Land oak bridge in North Park, Bewdley, Summer 2018