Anna Netri

How would you define yourself?

Artist, Project Manager, Architect.

Anna Netri

Please describe yourself and your areas of interest.

I am currently working in the construction sector, but with my experience within the art sector and my on-going practice I am always looking for ways to develop this and projects which reflect my commitment to art and its benefits to the wider community. I keep connections with the art sector in Italy and I have been broadening my network and knowledge of the creative environment in Sheffield by collaborating with art institutions, associations and individuals as a volunteer and artist. I’ve worked on introducing this network to corporate businesses through site specific proposals by firmly believing that Contemporary art has the power to anticipate things and the ability to influence society and its development. I’ve worked on self-initiated projects by motivating and involving volunteers and refugees then exhibited as art installations. In my art practice I use mixed media, which enables me to develop collaborative art projects with the public. Hand drawing has been constantly present in my life and not just in my practice as an artist but also as an architect. I would like to continue to explore collaboration with other artists and different sectors and develop my creative ideas within these projects.

Why did you become a Companion of the Guild?

It was inspirational to my art practice reading a sentence in an exhibition about Ruskin at the Whitworth gallery stating: ‘…what art can make and not how much it’s worth’. Since then this has been supporting my way of making art and encouraging my art researches and projects. This became more evident to me after meeting Ruth Nutter and volunteering at the Making Masterpieces event in Sheffield. I was then invited to become a Companion. I am interested in Ruskin’s ideas and any opportunity of applying them in our contemporary society.

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