Lefteris Heretakis

How would you define yourself?


Lefteris Heretakis

Please describe yourself and your areas of interest.

As a Designer, I specialise in consultancy, branding and publishing. As a Lecturer the primary focus of my work is Drawing in Art and Design education. What do we need to improve and what to preserve. An open dialogue between practitioners, professionals and educators. The aim is to discover solutions on bridging the current gap in perception between the way design education is conducted and the possibilities that can be unlocked through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Why did you become a Companion of the Guild?

I am passionate about applying the values of John Ruskin in my work as I believe that his works are even more relevant now compared to when they where written. Passionate about making Ruskin's work known to a wider audience and creating a new kind of Art School.

Web links: heretakis.com, about.me/heretakis, newartschool.education