Ron Ward

How would you define yourself?

Retired General Medical Practitioner; Brantwood Volunteer.

Ron Ward

Please describe yourself and your areas of interest.

Having retired from General Medical Practice in rural North Yorkshire I set about exercising other parts of the brain which had previously been neglected and graduated in Humanities with Art History through the Open University. After moving to a spot near Coniston I became a volunteer at Brantwood and so began the fascinating experience of getting to know Ruskin - he'd largely passed me by before that. Reassuringly I found that many of Ruskin's ideas sat very comfortably with my own thoughts and in particular those to do with social justice and enriching lives through the arts. Like me some years ago, many visitors to Brantwood have little previous knowledge of Ruskin and his contemporary relevance. Many leave Brantwood uplifted and inspired. It's great to be able to help.

Why did you become a Companion of the Guild?

My involvement at Brantwood has been very rewarding and hopefully I've been able to give a lot back too. It was an honour to become a Companion especially during Ruskin's bicentenary year.