Private Viewing of the 2024 displays in the Ruskin Collection
Join other Companions and members of the Board for an informal private view of the recently opened re-display of the Ruskin Collection at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield

Private viewing of the 2024 displays in the Ruskin Collection

20th January 2024

A private view of the redisplay of the Ruskin Collection in Sheffield, Hand, Head & Heart. Ruskin believed in the positive power of making by hand. For him, producing handcrafted objects provided honest work that was close to nature, good for moral character and improved the lives of craftspeople.

This new redisplay looks at how the act of handmaking improves people’s lives today. Alongside highlights from the Guild Collection, visitors will see a range of artworks made in education settings, produced as part of therapy pathways or created to raise awareness.

Join Companions and members of the Board for a drink and a chance to see the newly re-opened displays. Please feel free to bring a guest; it would be helpful to know if you plan to join us, via email HERE.