Feb 08 2021

John Ruskin's 202nd birthday

February 8th 2021

Reflections on a year of plague and social turmoil, to mark John Ruskin's 202nd birthday.

In lieu of their annual Ruskin Birthday Lecture, which was scheduled for February 8, 2021, Guild Companion Robert Goulding of the John J Reilly Center at Notre Dame University. Indiana, USA, has gathered the following garland of reflections in honour of Ruskin, on his 202nd birthday, after a year of plague and social turmoil.

The Law of Help, by Lucy Hartley

A Short Meditation for Ruskin's Birthday, 2021, by Howard Hull

Ruskin in the Year of COVID-19, by Fredrik Albritton Jonsson

MuseumFromHome, by Sandra Kemp

Ruskin and the Tired Brow, by Donna K. Kreisel

Steampunk Ruskin, by Sara L. Maurer

Geology, by Henry Weinfield

Ruskin on Trump's Shipwreck of State, by Sharon Aranofsky Weltman

The Storm-Cloud of the Twenty-First Century, by Amy Woodson-Boulton