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An annual programme of events and activities to rediscover the legacy of John Ruskin in Sheffield between 2014 - 2019, produced by the Guild of St George.
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Ruskin in Sheffield was a Guild programme designed to enrich the city with events and activities that draw inspiration from the ideas and collections of John Ruskin. It ran from 2014 until the end of Ruskin's bicentenary year in 2019, involving and reaching more than 24,000 people. In 1875, Ruskin chose Walkley in Sheffield as the location for St George's Museum, to house a remarkable collection, the purpose of which was to educate and inspire the metal-workers of Sheffield, whose skill he declared the best in the world. The Ruskin Collection, owned and supported by the Guild of St George, is now housed at the Millennium Gallery. Our programme built on this remarkable legacy. A new Handbook, Paradise is Here: Building community around things that matter, written by Ruskin in Sheffield producer Ruth Nutter, will be published later in 2020. Watch the film below to see participants reflecting on the value of this work.

The Ruskin in Sheffield programme ran from 2014 to 2019, John Ruskin’s bicentenary year. Read about the Guild's forthcoming new book, PARADISE IS HERE: Building community around things that matter, here.

We’d like to thank everyone who took part and helped to revitalise the heritage and legacy of John Ruskin in Sheffield for today.

In the adventurous spirit of John Ruskin, Ruskin in Sheffield worked with Museums Sheffield, local communities, Guild Companions, cultural organisations, artists, environmentalists, historians, activists and scholars to create Pop-Up Museums, performances, festivals and new displays in the Ruskin Collection.

Between 2014 - 19, through these activities, more than 24,000 people engaged with their local Ruskin heritage, craftsmanship, drawing, good livelihoods, utopian thinking, nature, social justice and their local community. You can read much more about each year's work here.

Our work in Sheffield continues through closely working with Museums Sheffield to care for and engage people with the Ruskin Collection.  We are also continuing to develop our collaboration with Heeley Trust to explore ways of increasing wellbeing in the local neighbourhood, using Ruskin’s ideas, from the Guild’s base at Meersbrook Hall.

We are very grateful for a number of funding awards that have made Ruskin in Sheffield possible: National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council England, Being Human Festival of Humanities, Catalyst Festival of Creativity (Sheffield Hallam University), Sheffield Year of Making, University of Sheffield, Church Burgesses Educational Foundation, Sheffield Grammar School Exhibition Foundation, and Mount Pleasant Educational Foundation.

For further information, please contact Ruth Nutter, the Guild's Creative Producer, by email here or on 07951 578208.


Read former Master of the Guild Clive Wilmer's reflections on John Ruskin's relationship with Sheffield, here.

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Evaluation of the Ruskin in Sheffield programme.

To read an Impact Summary based on the rigorous independent evaluation of the six year programme, click here.

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