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Sharing, Celebrating and Enhancing John Ruskin's Legacy
in the Wyre Forest

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Our exciting project ‘Ruskin in Wyre’ aims to explore Ruskin Land, the area of the Wyre Forest in Worcestershire cared for by Ruskin’s Guild of St George and managed by the Wyre Community Land Trust. The two-year programme began in the summer of 2017 and concludes in 2019 with an exhibition in Bewdley Museum coinciding with the bicentenary of John Ruskin’s birth.

Ruskin Land was given to the Victorian polymath John Ruskin in the 1870s. It was the mission of Ruskin’s Guild ‘to take some small piece of English ground, beautiful, peaceful and fruitful’ in order to provide opportunities for working people to cultivate land and reconnect with nature. The project aims to explore the story of what happened at Ruskin Land, how Ruskin’s ideas have been incorporated into the modern forest, and what can be done to reinterpret his vision today in meaningful, creative and productive ways.

The project has started conversations with local people to share memories of Ruskin Land. Our programme of courses and events is under way. Making – of all kinds and varieties – is at the heart of the project. Both the Reindeer making and spoon carving courses were well attended and taught participants new hands-on skills working with the wood from the Wyre. Alice our Artisan-in-Residence led a wonderful project to construct a bridge in Riverside North Park Bewdley. Working in partnership with the park and the local council the bridge is made from oak felled and milled in Ruskin Land by the Wyre Community Land Trust. There will soon be a walkway right round the pond in the park making the area newly accessible. Plans are under way for further community projects.

The £80,000 project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Ruskin’s Guild of St George, which owns the 150 acres of farm and woodland, and is being delivered in partnership with the Wyre Community Land Trust at St George’s Farm.

42nd Street visits Ruskin Land

A short film captures the spirit of an inspiring project made possible thanks to the generosity of the Benjamin Creswick Fund. The project enabled 42nd Street, a charity in Manchester promoting the mental health and wellbeing of young people, to form a connection with the Guild and its work at Ruskin Land, and the film illustrates the impact this relationship had on all involved. Watch the film here.

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