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The Ruskin Lecture

The Guild of St George hosts the annual Ruskin Lecture on topics of interest to Companions. These Lectures are published by the Guild and are available for purchase. You can find out how to buy them on our shop page.

The 2017 lecture was given by the Curator of the Guild's Ruskin Collection in Sheffield, Louise Pullen: GENIUS AND HELL'S BROTH: A tale of two artists - Frank Randal and William Hackstoun.


The 2016 Ruskin Lecture was hosted by the Birmingham and Midland Institute on 5th November (click or tap on the image left to order the published version). Companion Dr Bernard Richards, Emeritus Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, spoke on 'The Sombre Robe': Ruskin and Birmingham. Click or tap on the image (right) to watch the video. Click or tap here for the lecture poster.


In 2015, we video-recorded the lecture for the first time. Click or tap the image below to watch Companion Dr Marcus Waithe on Ruskin and Craftsmanship.

The Ruskin Lecture: A Complete List

The Ruskin Lecture: Original Series
1978 Asa, Lord Briggs: Ruskin and the Rise of Industry
1979 Robert Hewison: Art & Society. Ruskin in Sheffield in 1876
1981 Philip Rawson: Ruskin, Turner and Time
1982 Van Akin Burd: Ruskin, Lady Mount Temple and the Spiritualists
1982 Michael Kitson: Ruskin’s Stones of Venice
1983 Joe Holyoak: J. H. Chamberlain. Ruskin’s architect of the Civic Gospel
1985 Anthony Harris: Why do our little girls have large shoes?
1986 Tim Hilton: Ruskin’s Masterpiece
1987 Sir Roy Shaw: The Relevance of Ruskin
1988 Nicholas Shrimpton: Ruskin and ‘War’ [published 2014]
1991 Anthony Harris: Ruskin and Siena
1992 Malcolm Cole: 'Be like Daisies': John Ruskin and the Cultivation of Beauty at Whitelands College
1994 Royal W. Leith III: Ruskin and his American Followers in Tuscany

The Ruskin Lecture: New Series
2005 Stephen Wildman: Thomas Matthews Rooke [published 2013]
2006 Sam Smiles: Ruskin and Cambridge
2007 Jacqueline Yallop: Our Power to Bequeath
2008 Paul Tucker: Charles Fairfax Murray and Duccio’s Maesta
2009 Robert Hewison: Of Ruskin’s Gardens
2010 Stuart Eagles: Ruskin and Tolstoy
2011 Zoe Bennett: The True Use of Faith
2012 Howard Hull: 'Demeter’s Dowry': Ruskin and Landscape
2013 Mark Frost: Curator and Curatress: The Swans and St George’s Museum
2014 Gray Brechin: ‘Necessitous Men Are Not Free Men’: Bridging Ruskin’s Thought and the New Deal
2015 Marcus Waithe: Ruskin and Craftsmanship
2016 Bernard Richards: 'The Sombre Robe': Ruskin and Birmingham

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